Course: Certified STA

Become certified as a Surgical Task Analyst - demonstrate your commitment to high-quality research and patient safety as well as gain the opportunity to use the postnominal CertSTA.

The certification process ensures that successful candidates have the knowledge, skills and professional competence to effectively undertake surgical task analysis research.

Delivery method: Fully online self-paced learning with a dedicated live assessment session.

Prerequisites: Completion of the essentials of surgical task analysis or submission a prior experiential learning assessment form (contact us for details).

Why should you gain certified STA status?

CertSTA status demonstrates a commitment to your professional development and competence in the research of surgical procedures.

Who would benefit from certification?

  • Professional surgical task analysts / medical liaison staff who create 'instructions for use' or define steps for surgical simulations.

  • KOL surgeons

  • Surgical trainees

  • Nurses / OCP

  • MedTech sales reps

How is competency assessed for STA status?

  1. An evaluation of a portfolio of surgical task analysis reports (which can be anonymised if they contain confidential medical products)

  2. A reflective journal exploring key concepts of surgical task analysis research

  3. A viva held to defend a surgical task analysis with a panel of surgical education experts.

How do I apply? / What does the course cost?

If you wish to apply for this certification then simply fill out this form.

Certification fee: £900 per person with options for spreading payments over 6 months.

Discounts are available for:

  • Residents of low and middle-income countries

  • Bulk applications from commercial companies looking for departmental certification.

REGISTER of licenced professionals

Our register of licenced professionals is available online.