With 22 years of experience in the design, development and delivery of educational projects we have delivered hundreds of projects and lead over £50 million of development supporting over 2 million learners.

Provided below is a small selection of testimonials Peter has received for his work.

A detailed portfolio of references can be provided on request.

"[Peter] produced three high quality scenario based learning cases for medical students undertaking their general practice placement. The team were heavily reliant on his background in education meaning that they were able to use evidence based approaches to the educational content as well as the computer aided design, at a time in Medical education where sharing learnt knowledge of how to approach these projects is very limited. It also meant that they were able' to speak the same' language as educators, whilst he was able to interface with the technology team in a way that GP tutors struggle due to lack of knowledge in instructional design. The scenarios allowed students to work through a case as if they were the GP, ordering tests and completing forms such as blood requests, allowing them to 'think aloud' and learn from their decisions with feedback. Using videos of the patient to deliver the history enhanced the 'realism' of the cases." Prof Dame Helen Stokes-Lampard

"I worked with Peter as part of the team setting up a new professional development unit, providing courses overseas and in the UK for education specialists. Peter is highly knowledgeable in his field and expertly delivers complex projects on time and within tight budgets to very high standards. He is a supportive and approachable colleague and a pleasure to work with" Carrie Blake

"Peter has been a real pleasure to work with. He has great knowledge and skills of instructional design across many sectors, giving him a wealth of experience to draw upon with academic, professional and clinical staff. Peter is a real enthusiast for this profession and uses this to inspire others, whilst also being able to adeptly convey complex ideas, run teaching sessions and conduct meaningful research. During the two years I worked with Peter, I was also hugely impressed by his ability to rapidly absorb new subject material, across medicine, genetics and pharmacy, allowing him to be authoritative in producing innovative learning solutions. It was this blend of skills which makes Peter an excellent instructional designer." John Couperthwaite, PhD

"The quality of Pete's work and understanding of the tools used was excellent, but the most impressive thing about his contribution was that he could take our abstract ideas and provide the educational theory to develop these into focussed, rich and varied learning objects. In addition his ability to pick up and understand complex subject-specific content and use this to inform the design and optimisation of the practicals was very impressive." Sam Butterworth, PhD

"Peter has a vast knowledge of both the available applications and the under-pinning pedagogy so that he is able to guide staff towards the most effective solution for their student group. His background in disability contributes to his understanding of the client group with whom our students work although it is very apparent that he is always able to ask the right questions to quickly develop an understanding of the purpose of projects and the audience for whom it is intended. I have found having time to discuss project work and pedagogical problems with Peter has been stimulating and enlightening. He has a focused creativity that ensures that he can identify and develop appropriate and effective learning solutions that stimulate staff as much as students. " Amelia Swift, Reader in Healthcare Education

"[Peter's] knowledge and skills of instructional design have been essential to our delivery of new simulated chemistry practicals. Peter is enthusiastic and conveys this to those he is working with. On our project he has had to work with a wide range of academics and clinical staff to develop simulations that deal with complex scientific material in a clinical context. His ability to adapt to new material is excellent, which allows him to employ his instructional design skills and pedagogic knowledge appropriately to produce material appreciated both by staff and students. Additionally, he has contributed to the entire programme outside of his instructional design role with his insight and knowledge, including highly demanding accreditation visits from our regulatory body." Anthony Cox, PhD

"Peter has an extensive background in instructional design in many different fields which has forged a creative and open mindset. He mixes theoretical concepts with practical know-how when designing learning tools. Besides his intelligence and energy, he also possesses a sense of fairness and kindness which have made him highly appreciated by his colleagues" Cyrus Brodén, MD PhD